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HK Group, Joining Hands with Pininfarina


HK Group, Joining Hands with Pininfarina, Presents the Eco-sustainable clean energy Concept Vehicle




Pininfarina, Bertone and Italdesign were once crowned as three auto design giants of the world in the 20th century. Interestingly, two of them were either silent or acquired by some auto company in the past several decades. The auto-design market was no longer dominated by the three giants but one. Only the spirit of Pininfarina, standing the test of time, was preserved and passed down. As HK Group and Pininfarina honor the same spirit, that is, endurance and perseverance, long-term strategic partnership has been forged. H600, one of the masterpieces of Pininfarina, will make its debut on 2017 Geneva Auto Show. Let's wait and see what surprise will be presented to us with the perfect integration of concept and design



H600, the world's first eco-sustainable clean energy concept vehicle, jointly presented by HK Group and Pininfarina, will make its world debut on 2017 Geneva Auto Show.


Press conference on H600 will be commenced at Pininfarina booth at 11:45 am., March the 7th, 2017


Further details of the H600 will be revealed in the next days on:
Instagram: @PininfarinaSpA
Twitter: @PininfarinaSpAmatch


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