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Hybrid Kinetic Group and Pinifarnina S.p.A Achieves Long-term Strategic Agreement


A Comprehensive Boost to HK clean energy Business


The brand new eco-sustainable electric drive luxury sedan H600, as the first model jointly developed by Hybrid Kinetic Group and Pinifarina that requires no charging pit, will present its world debut on March 7 at Geneva Motor Show.


HK 1st clean energy Concept Car – H600


H600, installed with the powerful traction system, i.e. micro turbine electric generator range extender plus super battery, is classified as REEV (Range Extended Electric Vehicle). The micro turbine electric generator is a new generation range extender comparing to other range extenders and the super battery onboard is the only battery that can stand such high rate charging and discharging. The range extender can generate power anytime anywhere to empower the motor directly or charge the batteries, which establishes a new model for the future clean energy cars.



HK 1st Electric Drive Concept Car – H600


As the first model jointly developed by both parties, the release of H600 is only a progressive achievement and a milestone showing the comprehensive boost to the clean energy business of HK Group.


On February 23rd, Hybrid Kinetic Group and Pinifarina S.p.A signed an agreement worth of 64,768,500 Euros (or 531,000,000 HKD) in Italy. The agreement involves a 46-month-long cooperation on designing, engineering, developing a series of novel electric vehicle powered by micro turbine range extender and producing sample products.


Hybrid Kinetc Group and Pinifarina S.p.A Achieves Strategic Agreement


Hybrid Kinetic Group is devoted to developing genuine eco-sustainable electric drive vehicles that both meet environmental protection concept and embody tasteful design, while Pinifarina has world-renowned capability in designing and building the best car of the best. Inspired by the mutual pursuit of innovation and pure design, the cooperation between HK Group and Pinifarina is assured: Pinifarina exerts its innovative design concept and top developing capability, originated from clear market understanding and precise brand positioning, to assure success in producing and marketing HK clean energy vehicles. Meanwhile, HK Group grasps the inevitable trend of the global need of eco-sustainability and energy conservation without changing customers’ driving habits or worrying about finding the next charging station.


The cooperation with Pinifarina is one of the critical strategic movement made by HK Group. The mutual pursuit of innovation and excellence brings the two parties together to bring automotive industry into a new level with unprecedented driving experience. A core project team will be arranged by Pinifarina to complete the scheduled project in utmost professionality and Hybrid Kinetic Group will continuously increase its publicity and position to attract further international partnerships, expanding its business into global luxury sedan market. With the seeable boost to the business, HK Group will lead its clean energy vehicle industry into a new stage.


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