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Bus Installed with HK LTO Battery Finishing Road Test in Harbin


In February, 2017, a manned road test of Huanghai 12-meter bus installed with HK LTO battery was carried out by staff of Harbin Public Transport Co., Ltd. The technical department of Harbin Public Transport followed the real-time operational status of the bus. The test result endorsed HK LTO battery’s great features including fast charging and low temperature operation capability in the chilling climate of Harbin, receiving fully affirmation from the technical department.


The low temperature road test started from February 21, 2017 and lasted for one month. The test route shuttled between Harbin South Transportation Hub and Hongqi Street, covering a total range of 31 kilometers (back and forth). The road test attracted many bus drivers and citizen volunteers, who showed great interest in the excellent performance of HK LTO battery. Conversing with them, we learned that they looked forward to seeing the early launch of electric buses installed with HK LTO battery.



LTO Battery: low temperature operation capability ensuring safe operation


The total capacity of LTO battery installed on the road-test bus is 70kWh. During the test, the local temperature ranged from 3℃ to -21℃. The average temperature from February 21th to March 10th was -10℃ to -20℃. After exposed to the low outdoor temperature for 17 hours at night, the tested vehicle could still operate normally, including charging, discharging, starting and stopping. In addition, even without battery preheating system, it only took 30 minutes for battery charger to fully charge the tested vehicle at its maximum charging rate. The statistics showed that the vehicle was not even slightly affected by the low temperature during operation, and LTO battery ensured the secure operation of the vehicle.



Future Layout


The road test has fully demonstrated the perfect applicability and feasibility of HK’s LTO battery in cold regions, which has laid a solid foundation for the introduction of LTO battery to northern cities in China. HK LTO battery, featuring security and ultra-long life, will surely become the first choice of power batteries for clean energy vehicles applied in cold regions.


Meanwhile, the bus management office in Harbin RTA suggested that Harbin will need nearly 1000 electric buses in 2017. Therefore our LTO battery will seize market opportunities in the later sourcing & procurement process owing to its excellent performance. HK Group will also take this opportunity to bring LTO battery products to this “city of ice” in Northeastern China, and fulfill our social responsibility by benefiting the public transport of Harbin city.



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