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Up in the Air, Hybrid Kinetic Conquer


Up in the Air, Hybrid Kinetic Conquer

Hybird Kinetic Group Teamed up with Pininfarina



On July 12th, Hybrid Kinetic Group Shanghai Media Meet and Greet themed "Proceed with Persistence and Dream" was successfully held. Various Shanghai media have participated at the conference and appreciated HK Group's eco-sustainable electric drive concept vehicles:the luxury sedan H600, the five-seat SUV K550 and the seven-seat SUV K750. During this conference, technology and fashion intertwine, twinkling with HK Group's belief and dream that will light up the whole city. 


Speech by Jason Xu, CEO of HK Group 


As the continuation of the successful debut at Shanghai Motor Show in April, Mr. Carlo Bonzanigo, Vice President of Pininfarina, delivered an hour of intriguing speech, in which he introduced the unique contribution made by the perfect match of design and performance in HK eco-sustainable electric drive concept vehicles, which greatly impressed the audience by HK Group’s ingenious integration of Eastern and Western culture and its perfection presence in the form of car design.


The Intriguing Speech Delivered by Mr. Carlo Bonzanigo, Vice

President of Pininfarina


The luxury sedan H600 has been attracting the most attention even though it was the first model presented to the audience. The design of its front face shows aggressiveness. Its unique “big mouth” front face gives people a feeling of magnificence, echoing with the elegant and flexible integral shape of the vehicle. The design was inspired by the stone lion, an animal in ancient Chinese mythology which had not only the vigor of "the king of all animals" but also the prestige to lead and intimidate all animals. Its design is a comprehensive combination of the oriental and western aesthetics. In terms of its performance, the shape of its air-inlet grilles was designed to guarantee enough air for the microturbine generator, which differentiated this car from Tesla's whose front face is designed flat. It is worth to mention that the front faces of the HK Group's three eco-sustainable electric drive concept vehicles are all sealed with the iconic “《boomerang》” pattern - a clear, original design with its unique identity which can be adopted multi-functionally and intensify the image of HK Group. 


The Luxury Sedan H600



HK Group's 《Boomerang》 Seal


The exterior design of HK aesthetic universe has maximized the balance of the volume of all parts of the vehicle, which gives the audience a sense of smoothness and fluidness from every aspect. The brand gene is highlighted by the polished aluminum decoration on the front face, a finishing touch of the whole design that makes it outshines other cars. The five-seat SUV K550 and the seven-seat SUV K750 have also inherited this style and presented the distinct characteristics of HK Group.


The Five-seat SUV K550



The Seven-seat SUV K750


The factor that persuades HK Group to choose Pininfarina as its strategic business partner is the grace and rigorousness Pininfarina shows during the designing process, which best intertwines HK Group’s business concept. The design language is characterized by the classic proportion with neat and sculpted surfaces, which is embedded in the veins of the legendary Pininfarina designers: Leonardo Fioravanti, Paulo Martin and Lorenzo Ramaciotti. Admittedly, HK H600 strikes the audience with a feeling of composure and solidity, which is totally refreshing in vehicle design community where eye-catchers dominates.  


HK Group’s Strategic Business Partner—Pininfarina


The interior is just the epitome of HK's car building concept--preciseness and pragmatism, a unique name card that makes it inherently HK Group. HK H600 adopts huge sofa chairs, translating into a very comfortable and spacious space for all occupants, even the rear ones. Suspended seats are inspired by Eames Chair, simple but elegant, wrapping passengers in a comfortable, relaxing and burden-free environment. Dotted with solid wood decoration and suffused with pureness and harmony, the cabin presents an air of luxury and a sense of belonging. Wood grain design, spreading from floor to upper door frame and resembling a solid shell, greets you with safety. Like suspended seats, the center console is also suspended among seats. The whole interior comes as if from future, exposing passengers into a stereoscopic space for the senses.


seats of luxury sedan H600 


What's more, human-machine interface platform covers the whole instrument panel, separating into different areas. Given that human-machine interface and intelligent travel are the definite trend, H600 is equipped with 5 large-size curved LED displays. The one in front of driver's seat displays operation status like RPM of turbine generator, battery SOC and charging state, and the one in front of copilot's seat provides convenient access to viewing, updating and sending messages. The center console is a large-size touch panel, providing configuration over all functions of the sedan, as well as two screens for rear passengers cater to their entertainment needs. 


Human-machine Interface Platform of Luxury Sedan H600



Human-machine Interface Platform of 7-seat SUV K750


The three eco-sustainable electric drive concept vehicles perfectly interpret the core technology and innovative concept of HK Group. Leveraging the perfect drivetrain combination "micro-turbine generator range extender + super battery " and our invariant commitment to environmental protection, HK Group aims to seize the leadership in intelligent vehicle and clean energy vehicle manufacturing, promising high-quality, high-performance and eco-sustainable clean energy vehicles and relevant services for our domestic and even global consumers. HK Group also takes the initiative in the industrial combination of finance, science, technology and clean energy vehicle, boosting the development of China's automotive industry and the upgrading of automobile marketing mode. Joining hands with HK partners, we are realizing our dream and embarking on the journey of environmental protection for all human beings and our planet.


“Micro-turbine Generator Range Extender+ Super Battery”

Golden Drivetrain Combination


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