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HK Clean Energy Vehicle Project Starts Construction in Ningbo


The effect picture of Ningbo Jingwei Traction Battery project


On November 17, 2017, Fenghua District of Ningbo observed the grand ceremony of Ningbo Jingwei Traction Battery Co., Ltd. marking the beginning of the first phase construction of HK Group Traction Battery Project. Guests attending the ceremony included Mr. Song Yueshun, Executive Vice Mayor of Ningbo; Mr. Gao Haomeng, Secretary of CPC of Fenghua District; Mr. Zhang Wenbin, District Mayor of the People’s Government of Fenghua; Mr. Zhou Tao, Director of Standing Committee of Fenghua District People’s Congress and Mr. Wang Debiao, CPPCC Fenghua Committee, along with Mr. Xu Jianguo, CEO of Hybrid Kinetic Group; Mr. Gong Bin, Board Director of Beijing WKW Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., and guest of all walks of life. According to the general planning, this project serves as the accessory project of the HK clean energy vehicle manufacturing site with the capacity of 300,000 per year. The whole project will cover an area of 311 mu (=207,000 square meters), while the first-phase construction, with the total investment of 2 billion RMB, will cover an area of 126,000 square meters. 




On February 2, 2017, “Strategic Co-operation Framework Agreement” was signed jointly between four parties, namely Hybrid Kinetic Group Limited, People’s Government of Ningbo Fenghua District, Beijing WKW Automotive Parts Co., Ltd, and Beijing Zhiyun Asset Management Co., Ltd.. Ningbo Jingwei Traction Battery Co., Ltd. was founded with registered capital of 2 billion RMB through profound research and preparation by the four parties to promote the sustainable development of clean energy industry, boost the research and industrialization of traction batteries and make full use of various advantageous resources of Ningbo Fenghua Government. The newly founded company will be involved in researching, producing and selling traction (energy storage) battery, battery anode material, battery separator, battery management system, motor management system and the integrated electronic controller of electric vehicle, as well as provide technology development, consulting, service and transfer in the field of manufacturing key components of new energy vehicles.


The groundbreaking celebration of HK coincided with the anniversary of Fenghua’s revocation as city and establishment as district heralding the beginning of major projects. With the joint help of Ningbo (City) & Fenghua (District) Government, HK Group Traction Battery Project has achieved rapid progress from draft to construction within only half a year. It is planned that the project will complete construction and start production at the end of 2018. The project will create 1800 jobs and promote the development of local economy, peripheral accessory facilities, as well as the well-being of its employees.


Mr. Xu Jianguo, CEO of Hybrid Kinetic Group, addressed the ceremony


HK Group will build in Ningbo its clean energy vehicle production base, comprising of a powertrain center, a R&D center and a vehicle production site. The battery factory currently under construction is a critical part of HK traction battery R&D Center as well as a demonstration base of HK’s latest technology. The Groundbreaking of HK Traction Battery Project (First-phase construction) is the milestone of the establishment of HK-Ningbo “300,000” clean energy vehicle project, and signals the “full sail” advance of HK clean energy vehicle project. The mid-term and long-term development strategy of HK Group aims at building world leading traction battery industry chain, speeding up the development of traction battery technology, breaking through the bottleneck of safety, cycle life and energy density of Li-ion battery, researching next-generation traction battery & battery of new chemistry, and realizing game-changing development in battery material. As planned, the project will not only be responsible for producing and marketing traction batteries, but also involves a battery technology institute, researching battery components including anode & cathode material, electrotype, separator, etc., new cell products including fuel cell battery, Li-S battery, and the adoption of graphene on LTO battery, to keep the technical competitiveness of HK Group. In the near future, HK Group will also build the state-of-art R&D center of microturbine generator range extender and its production site, as well as fuel cell battery R&D center and its production site with the capacity of 100,000 sets per year.


Three Eco-sustainable E-drive Concept Vehicles Presented at 2017 Shanghai Motor Show 


HK Group presented its world premiere of three world-leading clean energy concept vehicles this spring – the luxury sedan H600, the five-seater SUV K550 and the seven-seater SUV K750, which attracted wide attention from the society. In September, the vehicle production project with the value of 17 billion RMB officially announced to locate in Ningbo. In the spring of 2018, brand new models of HK Group will appear in Geneva Motor Show with even more wallop.


Signing Ceremony of the First Phase Project of HK New Energy Vehicle


Adhering to the concept of environmental protection and eco-sustainability. Hybrid Kinetic Group sticks to exploring the route of clean energy vehicle development, creating a harmonious, pollution-free, safe environment for people’s well-being, and providing clean energy vehicle products and services with reliable quality, powerful performance and definitely eco-sustainability. Hybrid Kinetic Group has been following its very beginning mind, sparing no efforts and fearing no obstacles during the last ten years to “go the right way” – achieving breakthrough development for Chinese auto industry and creating an eco-sustainable, harmonious society.


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