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World Debut of Hybrid Kinetic Group’s Eco-Sustainable H600 in Geneva Auto Show


Yesterday, Hybrid Kinetic Group unveiled its H600 luxury electric drive concept sedan at the Geneva Auto Show together with its renowned Italian vehicle design and engineering partner, Pininnfarina. Senior management representatives from both companies attended the grand event to unveil the eco-sustainable vehicle together.  The H600 is an innovative electric drive vehicle that does not require charging posts, thus removing  the “range  anxiety” for electric vehicles. 

Mr. Carter Yeung, Accredited Representative of the Board of Hybrid Kinetic Group & CEO of HK Graphene Technology Co., Ltd. And Mr. Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of Pininfarina S.p.A unveiling the H600.


Appreciative Audience


Mr. Carter Yeung, Accredited Representative of the Board of Hybrid Kinetic Group & CEO of HK Graphene Technology Co., Ltd., delivering speech.


Mr. Chuantao Wang, Vice Chairman of the Board of Hybrid Kinetic Group, attending exclusive interviews.


The photo of Mr. Carter Yeung, Accredited Representative of the Board of Hybrid Kinetic Group & CEO of HK Graphene Technology Co., Ltd.,and H600


Group photo of representatives from Hybrid Kinetic Group & Pininfarina S.p.A


The H600 is a range extended electric drive vehicle powered by Hybrid Kinetic Group’s super battery system and a micro turbine power generator as its range extender.  This “Golden Combination” is seamlessly integrated into the powertrain. The 60kw micro turbine is  characterized by extremely high efficiency (40%), very low emission, and a very long maintenance interval (10,000 hours).  It generates clean electricity to charge the super battery.  The super battery has an extremely long life span (50,000 charging/discharging cycles) as well as  high energy density (300wh/kg).  H600 has both explosive power and endurance, going from 0 to 100 kph in 2.9 seconds and a range of over 1,000 kilometers. 

 H600 is a design masterpiece that combines purity, dynamism, and elegance. The luxuriously stretched body (5.2m) guarantees comfort and presence. Details, such as the highly recognizable tail lamps, beautiful paintwork, advanced glass cockpit with 5 curved displays, high quality leather wrapped interior and tasteful lighting, further enhance its sense of luxury.


The Five Distinctive Features of H600


I. Long life expectancy of core components/subsystems enables energy saving, lower emission and eco-sustainability. 

The long-life range extender using micro turbine generator developed by Hybrid Kinetic Group is different than the ICE range extenders used by several automakers. This micro-turbine generator is compact and lightweight with fewer components and extremely low emission.. It can charge the battery anywhere and anytime. Its multi-fuel capability enables the use of a variety of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, ethanol, natural gas, propane, bio-fuels, and more.  Customers configure the range extender to use the fuel of their preference based on regional fuel supplies and costs.  H600 is equipped with 30 kwh graphene-enhanced super battery with high power/high energy density that can sustain a very high charging rate (50C) and perform noticeably better than other batteries available in the existing market.


In terms of emission levels, when compared with traditional gasoline vehicles, H600’s emission of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide, and particle matter is only 2.5%, 11.7%, 36.6% and 77.4% of the ICE vehicles, respectively. Even when compared with pure electric vehicles that use coal-generated electricity, H600’s emission of sulfide, nitrogen oxide, and particle matter is only 0.17%,0.67% and 50% of the latter, respectively (note that a typical coal power plant emits 272 grams of particle matter when generating one kWh of electricity).


II. Super battery enables excellent energy regeneration and recovery.

The super batteries developed by Hybrid Kinetic Group enable very efficient energy regeneration and recovery due to its fast charging capability. H600 can recover up to 30% of kinetic energy, which is remarkably higher than the capacity of other clean energy vehicles.


III. H600 does not rely on charging network and therefore removes “range anxiety” for conventional electric vehicles.

H600 is a range-extended electric drive vehicle with a micro turbine power generator as its range extender, which runs on a variety of fuels and charges the battery anywhere and anytime. This advantage removes the “range anxiety” that has been the bottleneck for comparable existing electric vehicles.


IV. Cascading utilization of long-life core components and unique sharing economy model eliminate the need for government subsidies.

Hybrid Kinetic Group focuses on technology development as well as financial innovation. The core components with very long life expectancy will be used in a cascading way to fully release their values. The innovative financial and business model based on sharing economy principle will greatly lower the cost of clean energy vehicles, and therefore eliminate the need for government subsidy.


V. H600 is more than just a vehicle.

H600 can be used as a distributive power generator for emergency uses. When connected to residential home power systems with V2H (Vehicle-to-Home), H600 can provide electricity to homes and communities.  When connected to other vehicles with V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle), H600 can charge other electric vehicles. When connected into the electric grid with V2G(Vehicle-to-Grid), H600 can modulate frequency and balance peak and valley demand for electricity. clean energy vehicles such as H600 will fundamentally change the status quo of electric vehicles’ reliance on charging infrastructure, electric grid support, and government subsidies.

H600 also embodies Hybrid Kinetic Group’s vision of providing a luxury electric drive vehicle that is not limited to a particular subpopulation, but rather affordable to mass consumers due to its friendly price tag. H600 is the perfect culmination of impressive vehicular technologies and an  innovative financial model.  Hybrid Kinetic Group has always been the leading trailblazer, both in terms of the development of clean energy vehicles and financial innovation. Hybrid Kinetic Group will continue to lead the booming energy vehicle industry with its practical vision of cutting edge technology and financial tools.


In addition to the Geneva debut of H600, other models of electric drive vehicles from Hybrid Kinetic Group will also debut at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. 


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