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Three Range Extended Electric Drive Vehicles to Take the Beijing Motor Show by Storm Hybrid Kinetic Group to Unveil New Product Lineup



(April 2018, Beijing)The 2018 (15th) Beijing Motor Show will be kicking off on April 25 and Hybrid Kinetic Group will be unveiling three vehicle models. It will be global debut of the H500 luxury sedan and K350 luxury SUV and the Chinese debut of the HK GT. The company’s core technology lies in the powerful combination of “a clean and efficient range extender and graphene super batteries.” Backed by this technology, Hybrid Kinetic presents its green “new automotive mobility solutions” as its visionary positioning for the future development of the clean energy vehicle industry.


Three new models unveiled in Beijing, Hybrid Kinetic Group announces top of the line products

Hybrid Kinetic Group unveiled three range extended electric drive vehicles at the Shanghai Auto Show last year—the H600, K750, and K550. This year, it will be launching three new models, including one in a new category; attendees in Beijing will be able to view the high-end and high-speed HK GT. The new concept cars bring more product coverage to the HK car family while simultaneously strengthening HK’s brand positioning as high-end clean energy electric drive vehicles.


As Hybrid Kinetic’s first grand tourer, the HK GT was unveiled for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show last month where it was deemed by media outlets as one of the best looking cars on display. Beijing will mark the HK GT’s Chinese debut where its refined and generous volumes, flowing lines, and elegance will be sure to amaze. The vehicle’s speed and power has earned itself the nickname of a grand tourer with “dual souls.”


The H500 luxury sedan is a continuation of the Hybrid Kinetic sedan aesthetic which evolved around the design concepts of elegance, purity, and innovation. The clean and fluid lines of the exterior showcases the vehicle’s sportiness and intricate details. Surrounding displays in the car’s interior and independent seats demonstrates luxuriousness, modernity, and practicality. The high-tech and futuristic look of the H500 does not distract from the comfortable driving experience it provides to customers in pursuit of a colorful lifestyle.


The K350 luxury SUV exudes vitality and dynamism through its design. The simple yet powerful lines of the side come together effortlessly to present a sense of nobleness. The sharp contrast of the black and orange interior, seating with integrated media systems, and the rotating dashboard display bring an all-new sensory experience to the driver.


According to Hybrid Kinetic Group’s product planning, the HK car family will include 12 unique range extended electric drive vehicle models in a variety of categories such as sedans, SUVs, MPVs, sports cars, pickup trucks, etc. In the future, customers will be able to select from three different range extender options according to personal preference and fuel availability: an all-new efficient internal combustion engine, a microturbine generator, or a hydrogen fuel cell system.


Hybrid Kinetic Group will utilize modularization and sharing of core components to allow for product diversity and large scale production. At the same time, R&D and preparations for manufacturing continue to be ongoing around the world.



The most in line with China’s conditions, HK’s green mobility solution will eliminate development bottlenecks in the EV industry

In recent years, the clean energy vehicle industry was plagued by a host of issues such as limited driving range and overreliance on charging facilities. Determined to solve these issues, Hybrid Kinetic Group started its forward-looking research on range extended vehicles in 2008. Today, its new generation of range extended electric drive vehicles charges the car’s high power batteries with the onboard generator, which in turn, powers the vehicle. More than 30% of the car’s energy can be recovered which brings the vehicle’s total driving range over 1000 kilometers. This solution successfully eliminates issues such as range anxiety and reliance on charging infrastructure. Instead, it provides the technological key to a new world of green mobility solutions. 



Hybrid Kinetic’s range extended electric vehicles to see production by 2020

According to comments by Hybrid Kinetic’s chief executive officer Jason Xu, HK has gathered experts from all backgrounds and engaged world-class partners. After many years of collaboration by different parties, plans are underway to construct multiple manufacturing plants around China with production volume to surpass one million units. Production in the first plant is slated to start in 2020.


Hybrid Kinetic will maximize the ultra-long life of its core components by recycling parts such as batteries and motors to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Simultaneously, the Group remains committed to alleviating pressure on electricity infrastructure and facilitating healthy development of the national economy. Equipped with the ability to store and recover energy, the HK onboard super battery system will be able to serve as a backup source of power for homes or other vehicles during emergencies through the “vehicle to home” and “vehicle to vehicle” design. It can also provide modulation services to the electric grid and feed excess energy back to the grid through the “vehicle to grid” design. If the aforementioned uses become widely applied, China will no longer need to construct new electricity infrastructure while still meeting rapidly increasing demand for electricity.


Protection of the global environment and resources has long been a focal point for Hybrid Kinetic Group. The Group is committed to the development of a new generation of range extended electric drive vehicles that are not reliant on social infrastructure or government subsidies. Maximizing the driving experience and minimizing energy consumption is the impetus behind the company’s green mobility solution. Hybrid Kinetic Group will continue to work tirelessly towards constructing an eco-sustainable society and providing the most attractive choice in the clean energy vehicle market.


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