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Stunning HK GT Unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show




Stunning HK GT Unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show


(March 6, 2018, Geneva) March 6 marked the opening of the 88th Geneva International Motor Show. Hybrid Kinetic Group has wowed the crowd with the unveiling of the HK GT, an embodiment of speed and passion while simultaneously providing the world with a green mode of transportation.


A Brand New GT Carries on Tradition and Captures the Spotlight

The HK GT is the fourth concept car birthed from the collaboration between HK Group and Pininfarina after the luxury sedan H600, 5 seat SUV K550, and 7 seat SUV K750. The cars are a new generation of extended-range electric drive vehicles based on high power batteries. Not only does the GT inherit the tradition of the classic Italian GT, it is also infused with HK’s eco-sustainable technology.


The HK GT features a stunning exterior with simple yet intricate lines that flow seamlessly and a unique sense of luxury and elegance. The car, boasting appealing proportions, has a 2+2 configuration and is characterized by a long, sculpted bonnet and a slightly curved line that gently descends to the rear, so as to rest the pavilion on the car body, bringing it closer to the rear wheel as in the great gran turismos of the past. The front view presents a new interpretation of the HK grille, in which the chromed slats open like petals up to frame the high-tech headlights, giving the car a charismatic, almost magnetic look.


The interior styling of the HK GT presents an extraordinary modernity. The light and floating dashboard is treated with a sophisticated creamy white color and with bright orange stitching and details. It departs from the minimalist equipment behind the steering wheel, and then extends into an elegant embrace towards the rear seats. A large touch screen that emerges from the dashboard in front of the passenger is another highlight of the HK GT. Shapes, volumes, colors, and materials are carefully chosen and contribute to a sense of being behind the wheel of a GT even when the vehicle is at a standstill.


The dual personalities of the car corresponds to two different modes of experience. In the “race” mode, the interior is dressed in red lighting. Only essential technical information is displayed behind the steering wheel in order to allow the driver to concentrate on driving, while the central setting display provides information on all driving parameters (suspension settings, acceleration, speed track cornering, etc.). In the "cruise" mode, however, the interior is washed in blue and offers a more comfortable mobility solution, with information sharing between all the passengers of the car.


The HK GT is equipped with HK’s super batteries, 4 integrated PM motors, and 2-speed transmission. This setup will allow the vehicle to reach a top speed of over 350 KPH and a 0-100km acceleration of 2.7 seconds. The torque vectoring system provides torque distribution among the four wheels which have its own motors for greater control and stability. In addition, the GT is also equipped with a regenerative braking system.


HK clean energy vehicles can be equipped with three different range extenders: a low-emission microturbine generator range extender which accepts a variety of fuels, a zero emission hydrogen fuel cell system range extender, or a highly efficient internal combustion engine range extender.


HK Product Matrix Takes Form to House 12 Products in the HK Car Family

The HK GT is a new model put forth by HK Group after the unveiling of sedan and SUV models last year. It expands HK’s product line in the high-end car space and strengthens the Group’s clean energy vehicle matrix.


HK is also planning to unveil two new models at the Beijing Motor Show next month. According to the Group’s plans, the HK car family will expand to include 12 products in total, encompassing a range of products such as sedans, SUVs, MPVs, GTs, pickup trucks, etc. Development workaround the world continues to move steadily ahead.


Last November, the 17 billion RMB Ningbo Clean Energy Vehicle Program Powertrain Center broke ground. The group will also be establishing auxiliary companies needed for complete vehicle production, including a fuel cell company, a clean and efficient generator range extender company, and an automotive technology company.


Range-Extended Electric Drive Products that are aligned with Chinese Policy

As the development of clean energy vehicles in China gain momentum, the number of clean energy vehicle makers grow by the day. According to calculations, 770,000 clean energy vehicles were sold in China in 2017, a 53.3% growth increase from the previous year. 2018 sales are expected to surpass 1 million units and that number is estimated to hit 2 million in 2020. However, the issue of reliance on charging facilities has yet to be solved and consumers’ concerns about driving range limitations has become a development bottleneck for the industry. Problems such as thermal power serving as the source of 75% of China’s electricity and the mounting pressures on the electric grid when simultaneously servicing large quantities of car batteries are all factors that need to be considered for the future. Even Tesla, the global leader in clean energy vehicles, couldn’t exceed 100,000 units in annual sales and reported a loss of USD $1.96 billion in 2017.


Since 2008, HKG has been working on a new generation of range-extended electric drive vehicles based on high power batteries to combat these obstacles. Through the powerful combination of a clean and efficient generator range extender and graphene super batteries, it is able to present a green solution to the world.


I.              Eliminates range anxiety and solves development bottlenecks in the industry.

HK cars are equipped with a clean and efficient generator range extender that is compatible with a number of fuel types (petroleum, diesel, ethanol, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, biogas, etc.) according to the region and price range acceptable to the user. The generator is able to charge the vehicle’s battery at any time, giving the vehicle a total driving range of 1000 km. There is no reliance on charging facilities or a charging network. This will fundamentally change the electric car’s reliance on infrastructure and grid support and eliminate the bottleneck of range anxiety.


II.            Producing sustainable, clean, and energy-conserving technology to benefit the people

HKG’s R&D team started working on its new generation of range-extended electric drive vehicles based on high-power batteries in 2008. It utilizes an internally developed super battery in combination with a high-performance range extender to create a uniquely advantageous electric drive mode. The lightweight and low-cost batteries have a high discharge rate and are able to output high-power energy instantaneously which is manifested in the vehicle’s acceleration function. The high-power density nature of the super battery allows for energy recovery which slashes energy consumption and maximizes the system’s efficiency.


III.         Environmental principles that are ahead of its time and use of a circular economy to give back to society

The long lifespan of the batteries and motor allows them to be recycled and reused. Not only does this lower costs but also reduces environmental impact and highlights HKG’s environmental principles.


IV. Financial innovations that bring economic benefits to the people through a sharing economy

Hybrid Kinetic Group has always placed equal importance on technological development and financial innovation by maximizing the circular use of key components. Buying back and reusing parts at the end of the complete vehicle’s lifespan reduces economic pressure on consumers and avoids waste. Not only does this stop reliance on government subsidies, it also realizes the concept of combining cars and financial innovation, in turn, becoming a model example of a sharing economy.


V.            Dedicated to alleviating pressures of electricity infrastructure and facilitating healthy development of the national economy

Equipped with a super battery system, HK cars have the ability to store and recover energy. Through utilization of the “vehicle to home” or “vehicle to vehicle” design, this technology allows vehicles to serve as an emergency power source for families and communities or provide charging services for other electric cars, become truly distributed power stations. By utilizing the “vehicle to electric grid” design, this technology allows vehicles to provide modulation services to the national electric grid by storing electricity when needed and feeding excess electricity back to the grid. Once the aforementioned practice becomes universal, we no longer have to build new power plants to meet China’s skyrocketing need for electricity.


Clean energy vehicles is an inevitable path for the automotive industry. Hybrid Kinetic Group continues to stand by its principles of eco-sustainability and recognizes the growing need for energy security and environmental protection as it plays a pioneering role in the industry. When facilitating the growth of the auto industry, it remains firmly dedicated to creating a harmonious, clean, and safe living environment and providing the right solution for the country’s sustainable development strategy. 


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